Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bliss and Dan: a wedding reception

Regarding Gifts: Emily who?

hongbao.jpgSince some of you are starting to ask, we want to let you know that we aren't registered anywhere. And we won't be registering anywhere because any gifts that any of you are generous enough to have shipped to our tiny apartment in China will likely either have to be left in China when we leave, or will be difficult and costly to ship back to the States. Gifts that are given in the States will end up being put in storage at a parents' house, or will be difficult and costly to ship back to China. And then eventually back again to the States.
So as you can see, gifts would be difficult, and ultimately the thought and time put into purchasing a gift would in some way end up being wasted.
We are afraid that we can't subscribe to proper Emily Post wedding etiquette, and ask that you'll be understanding in our decision to adopt a tradition more in the spirit of a Chinese wedding and Chinese New Year, as the reception will actually be happening on Chinese New Years Eve. While your presence at our reception is all we ask for, if you would like to give a gift, we ask that it comes in the form of a hong bao, or red envelope. While a hong bao in Chinese tradition typically involves money, we understand that Western traditionalists would simply find this practice in bad taste. We would love to see what some of you come up with for your hong bao. Don't be afraid to be creative, many things other than money can fit in an envelope.
But really, the best gift by far would be having the opportunity to see you at the reception in February. It's coming up soon!


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