Friday, March 26, 2010

Jocelin's Ang Pao
Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wan Se Ru Yi, Shen Ti Jien Kang, Nien Nien You Yi…
Gong Xi… Gong Xi… :)


Marilyn John's Ang Pao

Red Packets (commonly known as 'Ang Pao' in the Hokkien dialect)  with spring flowers and gold ingots (commonly known as 'Yuen Bao' in  Chinese).

Red Packets (commonly known as 'Ang Pao' in the Hokkien dialect) with spring flowers and gold ingots (commonly known as 'Yuen Bao' in Chinese).


Red and Gold

Chinese loves red and gold for their Chinese New Year. Red greetings cards, red packets (with money inside!), red lantern, red poster on wall etc. Ya... although red is not a colour that i will wear on me, but i love to use red to make cards :)

Mum always wish to have her own red packet to give away (every child or singles "deserve" red packet - or what we called ANG PAO). Well, i decided to make her red packets this year - and i believe she will be very happy when she sees my creations :) Imagine - she probably gives away 200-300 packs every year!!! Well, i will make her 50 only :p

Oh.. 3 Chinese friends will get married during this season too - so i made these packets for them as well :) Ya, it is traditions to bring red packet (with money inside) when you attend a Chinese wedding in China and Malaysia. There are standard "rate" too. :p (interesting topic huh~)

Beside making red packet, I still make some cards for my top 10 friends :p Yes, only 10 cards! These cards are too simple - not even stamping - but i just loving it :) The paper is very nice - given by Liza ... again :) (ya, she gave me lots of stuff!!!!!)


River Ang Pao

River Ang Pao by bummmms.
Yet to be opened (Jan 24) but snapped this at the entrance.


Angpao Imlek Macan

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Li Xi: Vietnam Ang Pao

The Li Xi gift envelope by Design Night was inspired by the ancient craft of papercuts, an original art form created in China.The gorgeous lasercut envelope celebrates 2007, the Year of the Pig and is a modern take on the traditional Chinese gift-giving envelopes.



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hanging Red Packets (Ang Pao)

Hanging Red Packets (Ang Pao) by JasonDGreat.
Red envelopes are mainly presented during Lunar New Year. The red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck and is supposed to ward off evil spirits.


Ang Pao Design


Ang Pao Lantern

Chinese New Year is around the corner. Thought it would be nice to do some Chinese New Year Craft with my boy. I help out quite a bit here because he get bore of repetitive work. Sigh!

This is the very basic of the lantern done with Ang Pao. Outcome is nice.

Materials needed:

  • 12 Ang Paos for the lantern (we are using square ones so it looks nicer)
  • 1 Ang Pao for the lantern decoration
  • Double-sided tape
  • String
How to do it:

  1. Fold 4 corners of the 12 Ang Paos inwards covering the picture. (It will look like a smaller square now)
  2. Join top right with top left corner using double sided tape to secure. It will take 4 Ang Paos to do this.
  3. Repeat the above steps so you have 2 sets; 1 for bottom and 1 for the top.
  4. To do the middle part, join top right corner of (base) Ang Bao on the left with bottom right corner of a new Ang Pao. Then join top left corner of (base) Ang Pao on the right with bottom left corner of the same Ang Pao. (confusing huh? ;P)
  5. Repeat till 4 Ang Paos are secure with the base.
  6. Now stick the top to the earlier completed model.
  7. You should see the lantern taking shape.
  8. If you want to hang that thingy (whatever you call it ;P) below the lantern, cut 1 Ang Pao in shreds leaving 1 cm on the top.
  9. Roll it and secure with tape.
  10. Now mommy use needle and thread to string the deco thingy to the lantern and thread the top too.

Don't use glue because it will not work with Ang Pao. If your child can handle stapler, use that as it secures the Ang Pao better. You can also use those square memo notes instead of Ang Pao.

哥哥 in action

See step 2. (2 sets - base & top)

See steps 4 & 5


Pink Ang Pao


Ang Pao Seller

This kid peddles ang pao outside the 168 mall for 10 pesos/pack, each pack contains 10pcs of angpao. It is sad to say and note that mostly it is children who peddles ang pao, plastic bags, sampaguita garland, etc. and sometimes even cigarettes!

DIY Ang Pao

List of materials include:
  • Red crepe papers (from my crepe paper flower materials stock)
  • A sewing needle and gold threads (well, as gold as I could find, that is)
  • A sacrificial wedding invitation card (from which the gold "喜喜" was cut)
  • About 8cm of gold ribbon wire
  • Glue



A traditional ang pao pack for new year, used Takeo Galaxy Paper as our angpao pack print material.


Printed Ang Pao


Soon Soon Angpao