Friday, February 25, 2011

International Business Online - 3 Types of Cultural Communication Gets You More International Sales


you can not learn to ride a bike without ... Well, the bike. Can you?

International business involves cross cultural communication. It is inherent in the nature of work.

develop good communication skills, cross cultural communication have foreign exposure. With people. Live.

cultural skills are fairly easy to develop. But you can not pick up reading books. Need hands on practice. Most people need only a desire to communicate with other cultures and some practice to put them on the right track.

But a good cross cultural communication skills is not easy to develop if you have an online business without much direct contact with their foreign clients.

If all cross cultural communication that you are getting the e-mail or order requires, that's how you pick up skills. There simply is not enough cultural interaction actually learn s.

But what can you do if you want to get more international sales? Is there something you can do to make your online business to better communicate with your international prospects and clients?

So you still need to learn from exposure. But you can laser focus your efforts and make progress.

First, you need to identify three basic components of cultural communication:

international communications

international communication may include all aspects of international communication.

No on-line, it all starts with adapting their communications to an international audience.

make an effort to adjust its all your communications to speak of all international visitors, as well as your local market.

Simply make the effort concentrated not cut your international visitors to ignore them.

international communication at this level is more about awareness and being universally polite in written communication. It's the small details.

Multicultural Communication

Multicultural Communication is when it comes to effectively communicating across a wide range of cultures.

For example, you can use the International English aimed at international English-speaking world.

Multicultural Communication May not be the best solution for your home market. Your local market may have very strong sales message that will be weakened for communications directed to multicultural markets.

You May or May not decided on the creation of two separate communications strategy. one for the domestic market, and one for a wide international market

It is often obvious to implement in non-English speaking countries. Their internal communications in their native language, and their international communication in English for a broad multicultural audience.

This could be an interesting option for U.S. companies, for example, to use the International English for a wide international marketing campaign.

This could be the initial choice. But it must be evaluated carefully. Most international marketing focused on specific cultures and countries where markets are identified.

cross cultural communication

cross cultural communication is about targeting your communication to one particular culture.

This step in the international communication requires a detailed knowledge of the market. Your message is completely tailored to a specific cultural environment.

can be used to effectively target marketing in a particular country or ethnic group, for example.

bad news for online businesses is that you really need to do some cultural exposure to get it right.

good news?

online companies have the advantage of being able to test, monitor and analyze statistics. This will help in tweaking the cross cultural communication.

If you identify a country with a large enough market, creating a cross cultural communication and work with statistics to a large extent will probably be worth the time and effort.

build on the international exposure

focusing on each of the three types of cultural communication and will be able to recognize what they are currently doing. You will see where you need to improve international communication.

Use any contact with his international prospects and clients to see what you can do to improve the area you are weakest in.

more exposure you get with your international markets, the more you see how you need to customize your communication. A practice is all it takes.

your cultural communication skills will improve with time. And before you know that your skills will become as automatically knowing how to ride a bike.


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