Friday, March 26, 2010

Red and Gold

Chinese loves red and gold for their Chinese New Year. Red greetings cards, red packets (with money inside!), red lantern, red poster on wall etc. Ya... although red is not a colour that i will wear on me, but i love to use red to make cards :)

Mum always wish to have her own red packet to give away (every child or singles "deserve" red packet - or what we called ANG PAO). Well, i decided to make her red packets this year - and i believe she will be very happy when she sees my creations :) Imagine - she probably gives away 200-300 packs every year!!! Well, i will make her 50 only :p

Oh.. 3 Chinese friends will get married during this season too - so i made these packets for them as well :) Ya, it is traditions to bring red packet (with money inside) when you attend a Chinese wedding in China and Malaysia. There are standard "rate" too. :p (interesting topic huh~)

Beside making red packet, I still make some cards for my top 10 friends :p Yes, only 10 cards! These cards are too simple - not even stamping - but i just loving it :) The paper is very nice - given by Liza ... again :) (ya, she gave me lots of stuff!!!!!)


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